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Sienna X Spray-Tans    £15.00

Sienna X 2hr   Tan         £17.00


We offer a full range of Tones which means there is a colour for EVERYONE



Sienna X range has been created with quality and luxury in mind. All of our solution contain natural, nourishing ingredients which help enhance the newly-bronzed skin .Contains Co-enzyme Q10, anti-oxidant vitamins A & E, organic apple, calendula, papaya, gingko, biloba, organic aloe vera and anti-oxidant pomegranate extracts ,which helps prolong your tan.





Every tanning session you will be provided with complamenrty disposable underwear & sole protectors .




We can also supply you with home care products to help maintain your perfect tan for longer .



* Please note before all tanning treatments to exfoliate paying particular attention to elbows, hands, knees & ankles. 

Be free  make-up & deodorants as this may affect the development of the tan.

Please wear loose dark clothing. 





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